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Our baseball store has a wide range of different types of balls for both baseball and softball. The former are usually in 9-inch size and white, although this is not the rule. Softball balls are characterized by a larger size - 12 inch and yellow color. We offer popular brands such as: Wilson, Rawlings, Benson, SKLZ, DeMarini, Jugs, Markwort, Dudley, Worth and Franklin. We have match balls, then they are made of natural leather, suitably hard inside and special seams.

Training balls are the ones with a huge spread in terms of size and performance. Usually these are balls covered with composite leather equipped with raised seams to assist the baseball player in catching the ball. We also have balls made of rubber, plastic, filled and those that are empty inside. These last usually directed to ejection machines. Sold individually and in various sets. An interesting solution are load balls - with different weights. They help gradually build muscle strength, moving to heavier solutions.
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