In the case of a baseball catcher we are dealing with a player who works closely with the pitcher. The catcher in his not very comfortable crouching position has to spend a lot of time, moreover, he shows great mobility and reflexes in the case of a baseball arriving at a speed of over 130 km / h. Catcher, due to its position, must be armed with leg protectors, a chest and a helmet with a grille that protects his face. To complete the entire outfit we need a spacious and durable baseball glove.

This glove must have a specific basket with great possibilities to efficiently catch the incoming ball. Putter gloves have a closed, basket-shaped ribbon. It has the task of hiding the ball inside the glove. The catcher's task is to successfully catch the ball directed to him. As you can easily guess, his baseball glove must be absolutely durable and safe to protect the baseball player's hand.

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