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We present a wide range of baseball and softball equipment in Poland. We have elements necessary for the equipment of the pitch, such as: bases, home bases, steps, spikes or kickback stands. We are able to arm from head to toe a baseball catcher and coach. We have helmets necessary in these positions equipped with grilles, chest protectors, leg protectors and many more needed for effective protection during a baseball game. We offer for demanding players and trainers a whole lot of small but needed baseball accessories such as brushes, score counters, thumb guards, tooth protectors, tapes and wraps for baseball bats, glues as well as glove straps and much more. We are able to meet even the greatest requirements of baseball players in Poland.

We complement everything by offering various types of training equipment in the form of goals, nets and other screens that greatly improve the experience of baseball players. All equipment is obviously presented by leading baseball companies.
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