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A baseball putter plays a decisive role, since it is not uncommon for the number of points scored by the team to depend on him. Each pitcher has his own throwing technique, which is usually characterized by throwing the ball out of half a turn in a special way for baseball. After the throw, the pitcher moves into a ready position to catch the baseball, if it happens that the batter bounces it towards the center. For this purpose, the pitcher needs a suitable baseball glove, which will catch the reflected ball even if it happens relatively rarely. Putter gloves are less bulky than those intended for catchers. However, just like those for the catcher, they often have a closed ribbon. These gloves are easy to close due to the additional elasticity.

Interspersed with a thong, made of leather with a characteristic Velcro fastener, the most frequently chosen ones from Wilson and Louisville Slugger - these are the pitcher gloves you will find in our baseball store.
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