The training equipment used in baseball is primarily a different size and type of kickback stand. We offer a reflection trainer on the stand in single and triple versions. A very interesting type of exercise is resistance training with the help of sleds that build muscle mass in almost the entire body. We have a load of various weight categories for baseball bats for optimal baseball training. We offer you various types of training sets, such as a ball trainer, i.e. a baseball ball connected with a special cord with a baseball glove, or a baseball ball with a special cord with the option of fastening. We also have training sets designed mainly for softball produced by SKLZ.

The most interesting of the training solutions in baseball and softball are the training nets and gates that we offer in various versions and sizes together with the ball punching machines. The product you prefer to buy is the Tanner TEE reflection trainer - of which we are the official distributor in Poland.

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